Previous consultations

Title Status
Agricultural Pollution RegulationsCompleted
Priorities for the Climate Change, Environment, and Infrastructure CommitteeCompleted
Health and Social Care: Priorities for the Sixth SeneddCompleted
Priorities for the Local Government and Housing CommitteeCompleted
Priorities for the Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs CommitteeCompleted
Sixth Senedd PrioritiesCompleted
Culture, Communications, Welsh Language, Sport and International Relations: Priorities for the Sixth SeneddCompleted
Fifth Senedd Legacy - Culture, Welsh Language and CommunicationsCompleted
Consultation on Code of Conduct and Associated ProceduresCompleted
Remote Working: Implications for WalesCompleted
Barriers to the successful Implementation of the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015Completed
Inquiry into Air QualityCompleted
Welsh Government Draft Budget Proposals 2021-22Completed
Welsh Government Draft Budget 2021-22Completed
Who gets remembered in public spaces?Completed
Legislative Consent Memorandum for the Medicines and Medical Devices BillCompleted
Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) BillCompleted
Inquiry into the implementation of the Wales Act 2014 and operation of the Fiscal FrameworkCompleted
Exiting the European Union: Preparedness in Wales for the end of the transition periodCompleted
Consultation on the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the agriculture and fisheries sectors, food supply, animal welfare, climate change and the environmentCompleted
Inquiry into the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on culture, creative industries, heritage, communications and sportCompleted
Impacts of COVID-19: Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee - Open Call for evidence and experiencesCompleted
Inquiry into COVID-19 and its impact on matters relating to the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee’s remitCompleted
Scrutiny of Covid-19 and its impact on children and young people (including students in further and higher education)Completed
Inquiry into the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, and its management, on health and social care in WalesCompleted
Bus Services (Wales) BillCompleted
Electing a more diverse SeneddCompleted
Making Justice work in WalesCompleted
Valleys TaskforceCompleted
Hospital discharge processesCompleted
Capacity of the SeneddCompleted
Renting Homes (Amendment) (Wales) BillCompleted
Consultation on draft Determination for the Sixth AssemblyCompleted
Electoral systems and boundariesCompleted
Emotional and Mental Health of Children and Young People ("Mind over Matter") - Follow-upCompleted
Consultation on the Draft Public Audit (Amendment) (Wales) BillCompleted
Degree ApprenticeshipsCompleted
Local Government and Elections (Wales) BillCompleted
Devolution of broadcastingCompleted
Impact of variations in national and sub-national income taxCompleted
Review of the Determination for the Sixth Assembly: consultation on part 3 of the reviewCompleted
Fuel PovertyCompleted